How Long Does Delta 8 Stay in Your System?

A common question many new Delta-8-THC users have is, “how long does Delta 8 stay in my system for?” The answer to this question is anywhere from 2 to 30 days. Yes, this is a very broad range, however there are many factors that contribute to this. If you’re curious about this topic, and you’re interested in learning how to reduce the amount of time Delta-8-THC stays in your system, keep reading along – We will cover many of these questions and more information. 

Delta-8-THC can stay detectible for as long as 30 days or as little as 2 days. There are many factors that can contribute to how long Delta 8 stays in someone’s system.

For example, hair analysis can detect Delta-8-THC for the longest time – around 90 days. On the other hand. Hair analysis tests are known for being inaccurate and are not commonly used for drug testing.


What factors determine how long Delta 8 stays in your system?


  1. How often you use it – the more frequently you use Delta-8-THC, the longer it will stay in your system.
  2. Age – Older individuals usually have a slower metabolism; therefore, it is likely it will stay in your system longer the older you are.
  3. How you consume it – D8 can be consumed by eating an edible, swallowing a capsule, smoking flower, and vaping concentrate. With that said, ingesting D8 by eating an edible or using a tincture causes Delta 8 to stay in your system longer than other methods of consumption.
  4. Your metabolism – Those who metabolize quicker are able to get D8 out of their system quicker. Each person’s metabolism is different, so it varies from person-to-person.
  5. Dosage – The stronger the dosage, the longer it will stay in your system.
  6. Other medications or supplements – If you’re taking medication or supplements while consuming Delta 8, it can slow the breakdown process of Delta 8.


Factors that Affect the Elimination of Delta-8-THC


  1. How often you use it

It’s pretty simple, the more you use the D8, the longer it takes to clear it from your body. This goes for other cannabinoids as well, such as CBD, Delta 10, Delta 9, and more.

To break it down for you in scientific terms, cannabinoids are fat-soluble. This means they’re able to seep into fat cells in your body. Therefore, long durations or periods of use cause Delta 8 to pile up in your body’s fat cells.

When we stop cannabinoid consumption, the compiled cannabinoids in your fat cells begin to flow back into your bloodstream. This prolongs the duration of time required for the compounds to be filtered out of the body.

Individuals who use D8 a few times a week can expect to filter the compound out of their system within a week. Those who use D8 every day will most likely have to wait a few weeks until the compounds are filtered out of their system.

  1. Age

It’s no secret our metabolic rate slows down the older we get. Physicians take this into consideration when prescribing medicine.

If it takes an individual in their 20s 3 days to clear D8 from their body, it may take an individual in their 50s 5-6 days to clear from their body.

It’s important to understand each person is different, and someone in their 70s may be able to clear D8 from their system in the same amount of time as an individual in their 20s.

  1. How You Consume It

The method Delta 8 is consumed will affect how it is metabolized.

Inhaling Delta 8 through smoking flower or vaping results in a quicker high than ingesting Delta 8. The effects when vaping or smoking can be felt in as little as a few minutes. With that said, it is also cleared from the body quicker.

Since Delta 8 is fairly new, there aren’t too many studies comparing the metabolism of different consumption methods of D8. There are many studies and data available on this topic when observing Delta-9-THC and CBD.

There are studies that show smoking and inhaling CBD can be cleared from the body twice as fast as ingested forms. Can you guess which way of consumption has the quickest elimination of all? The answer is IV. However, IV is isn’t a common or recommended way of consuming Delta 8.

  1. Your Metabolism

Our metabolic rates arguably play the biggest role in determining how fast cannabinoids like Delta 8 clear the body.

One of the vital organs we use to metabolize cannabinoids is the liver.

The liver uses an enzyme to break down each substance into smaller metabolites. This is dependent on the structure of the substance. It is then filtered out of the body through the kidneys.

A good way of understanding these enzymes is thinking of them as different types tools. The right tool is going to be needed in order to complete a specific job. For example, you aren’t going to use a wrench to hammer a nail into a piece of wood. You’re going to need a hammer to get the job done. This concept can be applied when thinking about how liver enzymes work. 

The enzyme we are talking about for Delta-8-THC is CYP3A4. As mentioned before, each individual’s genetic makeup is different, and some may have more of this enzyme than others. For those that have less, it will take longer to metabolize Delta 8 in comparison to an individual with more of the enzyme. 

  1. Dosage

The higher the dosage, the longer it’ll stay in your system.

Increasing dosage in Delta 8 will only cause it to stay in your system for a few hours longer because the half-life of Delta 8 is so short. 

What is half-life you may ask? To explain briefly, Delta 8 has two metabolic phases – a fast phase and a slow phase. Within the first minute of consuming Delta 8, a portion of the cannabinoid is already cleared from the body. After this happens, metabolic rate will slow down significantly. The half-life in the slow phase is roughly 32 minutes.

What this means is it takes around 30 minutes for half of the Delta 8 to be metabolized. This leaves about 50% of the beginning dose. After another 30 minutes, half of this dose is metabolized and leaves behind 25% of the beginning dose. This process continues until there isn’t anything left.

  1. Other Medications or Supplements Taken 

Many of the supplements and medications we consume have to be metabolized by the liver. As mentioned before, the enzymes in the liver help break down these supplements. Often times when taking a supplement/medication and Delta 8 at the same time, they’ll compete with each other for the same enzyme in the liver that breaks them down. This can slow down the process. 

Imagine you have 3 jobs that require a hammer to get the job done, but you only have 1 hammer. It’s going to take a lot longer to get the job done.


This is what happens when taking supplements and cannabinoids at the same time.

As mentioned before, Delta 8 is primarily metabolized by CYP3A4. If you are using other substances that require CYP3A4 to metabolize, it will cause both to metabolize at a slower rate. 

If you aren’t aware, CYP3A4 is in high demand. Many supplements and medication we take require the enzyme for metabolism.

Long story short, if you’re taking D8 at the same time as other supplements, there’s a good chance it will take longer to clear your body.


Can Delta-8-THC Cause Me to Fail a Drug Test?

If you’ve come across this article, you most likely have a drug test coming up.

The answer to this question is yes, you can 100% fail a drug test if you’ve consumed Delta-8-THC. As long as it can be detected in the body, it can be detected on a urine or blood test.

Delta-8-THC is legal on a federal level due to the 2018 Hemp Farm Bill. However, it is difficult for standard drug tests to be able to tell the difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9. Delta 9 is illegal in a number of states across the United States. 

If you are required to take drug tests, it is in your best interested to avoid consuming Delta-8-THC.


To summarize everything in this article, Delta 8 will only stay in your system for a couple of days if you’ve consumed it once or twice.

If you’re consuming Delta 8 more frequently or in higher doses, it may take longer than a few weeks for it to clear your system entirely.

Hair deposits, which is an uncommon drug test method, can take up to 90 days to clear your system.

The more you consume Delta 8 and the higher the doses, the longer it will take to clear your body. Factors like age, weight, metabolic rate, and other supplements you may be taking can affect the duration of time needed for Delta 8 to clear your body.